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Boca Raton picture framing

With over 20 years in the Boca Raton picture framing industry, we have been successful due to our hard work and happy customers. Though we haven’t used

lion lick by Harlene Cohen (original painting)

lion lick by Harlene Cohen (original painting)

advertising measures it is the word of mouth that has led to our success. In recent years, we have been able to enhance our staff and store size, which measures our success in more than words. All of the staff is experienced and has the sense of aesthetics to help you select the best frame for your personal taste and treasured memorabilia.

High quality inventory of frames

Not only do we stock a huge range of moldings, but we have a range of frames to suit all requirements. We are able to provide cost effective and competitive pricing on the complete range of products, as we buy in bulk. Thus, we offer nearly 20% to 30% less on the frames which are otherwise sold at higher prices in big box stores. Wholesale purchases helps us pass on our saving to our customers and this in turn helps us always be ready to serve your Boca Raton picture framing requirements quickly. On our commercial projects, we offer wholesale prices enabling bulk orders at a more competitive price.

Though you might have seen ‘sale’ at 50% and 60% at big box stores, if you actually compare prices, we offer a better price with higher quality and expert assistance. Our Boca Raton picture framing service has a perfect team to get your sports memorabilia or fine art framed. Irrespective of the value of the picture, art or object, we treat is just like our own and ensure that not only does it look good, it stays good.

If you have an art piece, picture or anything else that our Boca Raton picture framing service can do for you, please visit our store or call us to know more about our pricing and services.


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