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How To Avoid Your Picture And Frame From Getting Damaged

There are many ways a picture frame and its picture or artwork can get damages. Here are some tips to help you prevent damage so your picture and frame will

Stop and Smell the Flowers (horse, geclee)

Stop and Smell the Flowers (horse, geclee)

last for many years.

Direct sunlight

The UV rays of the sun can do a lot of damage to a picture, you will find especially a color photo will fade if hung in direct sunlight. If you have to have the picture in a place where sunlight will fall on it then you will need to protect your picture, it is best to use a glass or acrylic glazing that contains UV coating which will reduce the chances of damage.

Avoid moisture

Moisture is one of the things to avoid at all cost as it can do untold damage to your picture or artwork.  Two areas to avoid hanging picture is in a bathroom and in a kitchen near the sink.

Moisture can cause huge problems, especially if you have used a frame with a sealed backing. A frame with a sealed back will not allow the moisture to get out with a result the picture will get damaged.  Most ready made pictures have means that allows the picture to ‘breath’, however, some custom frames will be sealed with paper to keep the dust out at the same time trap moisture which will wreck havoc with your artwork or picture.

People who live in a humid climate need to take extra precautions with their pictures. If you are in a high humidity area then you should consider using small spacers or a mat to prevent the picture touching the glass.  If your picture touches to the glass in a high humidity area there is every chance that it will permanently stick to the glass which could make it impossible to remove without damage to the picture.  To protect your photo or picture, if you just add a mat or spacers this will prevent the picture touching the glass at the same time create airflow which will protect your picture from damage.

Spray Cleaners

If you wish to use a spray cleaner on your picture frame then avoid using it while the picture is in the frame.  This is one way to ruin your picture, its highly recommended that you remove the picture from the frame before attempting to clean with a spray cleaner, it only takes a few minutes extra to remove the picture but it will save a lot of disappointment if you do so. There is no need to use a spray cleaners on pictures, you  just need to use a damp cloth that has been lightly moistened with water, you will them will then easily be able to dust your picture frame and protect your precious picture without having to take it out.

Moving tips

If you are moving then its worthwhile taking some extra care when packing your pictures.

Don’t stack your pictures one on top of another without any protection. Wrap picture frames in towels or use bubble wrap to protect them from getting scratched or the glass breaking, which can do a lot of damage that is irreparable. These few extra precautions can protect your picture and save of trying to fix the damage afterwards.

Looking after your pictures and their frames will give you years of pleasure enjoying your picture or artwork