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When it comes to art framing and selection of the right frame for your painting or picture or even sports memorabilia, it is best to call in the specialists at our Boca Raton FL art service. We have years of experience in the art framing industry and know that even the most beautiful painting or art work can look poor when it is not presented in the right frame. That is one reason it is important to ensure that the frame is selected well and the complete process of framing is completed professionally.

At our Boca Raton FL Art service, we ensure that all of the framing is completed in-house using the state-of-art equipment. We specialize in eco-friendly materials to ensure that you not only have a beautiful framed art but know that you have contributed to saving the planet.

In-house framing 

From framing original art, reproductions, prints to embroidery and needlework to sports memorabilia including jerseys, balls, gloves and shoes and anything else that you might need framed. With a team of professional staff that has many years of experience in the framing industry, you can be sure of getting an aesthetically and creatively framed Boca Raton FL art piece just as you needed.

If you aren’t sure about the right picture frame to select or need expert advice on your framing procedure, we can be of assistance. In addition to the art framing, we create Plexiglas cases and with the technological assistance we have, any shape of frame can be created as per custom requirement. Call us today to know more about the services we offer. All of the Boca Raton FL art framing processes are cost effective and can fit your budget with ease. If you have something you’d like to hang on your wall or stay on the mantelpiece, just visit our store today or call us now.


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